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Print Media

Acta Diurna the first newspaper is published in Rome (59 B.C.). This newspaper was published so that the Romans could be up to date on what’s going on in their current society.

Business life was greatly changed with a new introduction to the market of the Remington typewriter in (1874). This was used so everything would be done faster and would be much more effective. This was first brought in from England by Christopher Scholes.

Journalism also became more accessible when in 1914 Howard Krum introduced Teletype. So with this invention they no longer needed the knowledge of Morse Code to distribute information.

The age of industrial revolution made a lot of information and written documents easier to get around. In 1831 Joseph Henry invented the first electric telegraph, and four years later in 1835 Samuel Morse formulated Morse Code, this was a great time when they had found many new inventions from every part of the world.

The future of print media is at stake because of all of the new technology that has been created from 2009 and so forth. More people would find pulling out a mobile device and just clicking on an application instead of having to read the paper and not even possibly find what they are searching for. Google is a search engine where you can just search whatever in the world you want and obviously this is killing print media and most people project that it will be not needed in 10 years.


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