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Although experimentation with the television started in the 1920’s, they started off with some computer errors, software issues but worst of all World War II delayed the introduction to the public until 1946. Television was a great big leap off of radio. The television boom started between 1949, when 940,000 households had a set, and 1953, when the number rose to 20 million.

Charles Jenkins had been working  on something important for a long time, everyone was wondering what this maybe. So in 1931 the first ever Television commercial rose up and went on every channel there was. This was the first step into T.V. advertisements.

This was a super important event to all kids in the early 1990’s… Finally what we had all been waiting for cartoon network the best channel for the longest time for kids entertainment  had made its first debut on Oct. 1st, 1992.

Video killed the radio star was the 1st music video to ever be made in 1981. Bach then those were made to be inspirational or be a great motivational song, the times over the years most every music video is to promote a market or to bring in wealth.

The first known use of the word television was used in Paris, 1900. A young man at a World Fair was at a discussion and just included a random word called television on the camera but nobody knew what this word was, later over the years people had worked and worked on trying to make what this man had imagined there would one day be and they were finally able to accomplish this later on in the 1900’s.


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