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#1 – Bball Photo

The Coppell High School Freshman basketball team are scrimmaging each
other in the gym (shirts and skins) to get better at their game.
During their 7th period class around 3pm.

#2 – Recycle Photo
Young sophomores at Coppell High School are going to empty the recycle
bin at 2:50pm in order to save the environment 1 recycle bin at a

#3 – Cheer Squad
The Coppell High School Cheerleading squads are practicing their
techniques and coming up with new cheers at 3pm, because they have to
cheer well in order to keep the entertainment at the school sports and
activities lively.

#4 – Color Guards

Color Guards are inside of the band hall working on their newest
moves and routines so they can perform at the High School Football
games after Marching Band. 2:55

#5 – Members of theater are testing their tall structure stability and
if it is good enough to be used in the play. 3:15

#6 – Here in the library people are working hard and collaborating
with one another to get their task completed. They are in the library
because all of the technology and books are all around them and is
easily accessible. 3:30

#7 – All of the members of the Coppell High School Marching band are
outside getting ready at 2:45 because Coppell has one of the best
Marching bands in the nation. In order to keep that title they must
work hard for the game that is tonight.

#8 – Here in this class the students are working hard on their macs in
order to get ready to submit their assignment before the deadline. The
new technology in all classes have really helped students get finished
quicker. 2:35

#9 – In this photo the High School Junior Varsity 2 is practicing in
the far back even though there is about 3 months until they play their
first game. In front go them are the girls softball team training out
there in the heat at 3:35 getting ready for their season.

#10 – The History class is outside in the hallways doing group work
and they are collaborating together. They all have different important
tasks to get their job done on time and get a good grade. 3:40

#11 – The computer labs are busy with classes all thought the day
doing their MAP testing to see how much they know.

#12 – A whole entire has gathered in front of the area which where
they distribute books at 3:05 because most classes during the first 4
weeks take turns in going to get their textbooks to read.



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