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Have you ever wondered how many individuals there are that look like ordinary people but, are actually very interesting heroic people? Matt Thompson is a 24 year old who graduated from LSU 2 years ago.

Matt is the kind of person that will stand up for anyone who is getting bullied or picked on in any way, he doesn’t care if they are twice his size or half, he doesn’t accept the fact that others are being treated unfairly. Matt will go and stick up for the weak and make them feel good about themselves and help out anyone even if they are a complete stranger. But that’s not all…

Matt is a great family member he is very nice and helpful to others. Matt loves to help people in need so much that he volunteers at a Louisiana Food Bank where he helps feed people, donates food, and hangs out with them and really make them feel welcome. Matt goes there so much that he knows their names and they know his. Matt has had problems in which he had too much work for college but, he would go to the food bank and then after he would stay up all night working on his homework. We need more people like him in a society asa whole because Matt is a great person who can manage their time and actually take time out of his day and help unfortunate people and asks for nothing in return.

His brother says that Matt is a great brother and will do whatever he can to make something right. He will go and feed the hungry, protect the bullied, and just do whatever he can to make things good. Matts younger brother (Parker Thompson) says that his brother has always been one of those hardworking and helping to others. He says “I’ve never seen my brother being selfish, that’s sometimes just about all I see in most all people.”

Matt is a well rounded individual and he has a baby boy on the way, Matt hopes that his son can be a leader and always do the right things. Matt says he is going to raise him right and teach him how to be a great contribution to society. We’d all be lucky as a whole to have more people like Matt, instead of looking up to the people with a ton of money but are bad role models to each and everyone. The true reason that people are heroes like Matt is because they always do the right things because it makes them feel wrong not to do so. They don’t ask for anything in return, they live to help people and would probably even give to do so.



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