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Q & A
1. Why are we doing a different theme for every day of the Homecoming week?
A. We are doing a different theme everyday because we want to see which students like to participate in activities throughout Homecoming week.

2. Why does Homecoming week pep everyone up?
A. Homecoming week is jam packed, you have a football game, school dance, great week and a mum or garter that will be gifted to you what’s not to like?

3. Why was today’s theme Paradise?
A. Paradise is a place that everyone wants to go no matter the type of person this basically gives the students a mind set that they can just chill and relax today and to relieve stress.

4. Why are mums and garters so important to people?
A. Mums and garters to some people may look and silly or unnecessary but infact most women and men when they grow up they will have this somewhere to look back to.

5. Why are we wearing black and red on friday?
A. Our school colors are red and black, we also have that football game that everyone’s looking forward to.

6. How is this week different from any other week?
A. This week we will have events that are fun, a big dance and party, a great homecoming home game!

7. Is homecoming the same every year?
A. No, homecoming is different and more special every year.

8. Is wearing your mum and garter to school very friday of homecoming weekend a tradition?
A. Yes, every year you have to wear them because its a neat and cool thing that lets you wear what your date made.

9. What would happen if Coppell were to lose Homecoming game?
A. If Coppell were to lose in my opinion the dance wouldn’t be as great because no one wants to celebrate a loss.

10. Do you get any rewards for wining the day for dressing out?
A. No, but it’d be great if you could


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