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Homecoming Week!

Homecoming week was great here at Coppell High School. The greatness of Homecoming week were… There was a dress up theme every day of the week, lots of dates gave eachother mums and garters, and most importantly the Homecoming dance and football games. During the week students had lots of fun wearing all yellow, twinning, and wearing Hawaiian. you could see people with joy everywhere in the hallways just filled with happiness and taking pictures with eachother to never forget those days and to cherish their memories. This week people were getting some great mums, some lit up, some were quadruple mums, there were also a ton that just stood out with uniqueness. Another great event was the pep rally this morning, the Homecoming king and queen nominees were announced we saw performances of all sorts of people, and everybody was on their feet and had a great time. The Homecoming games for the freshman resulted in a win for the A Team and a loss for the B Team. The JV games ended the same way. Then on friday night it was the game everybody was waiting for, the Varsity game! During the varsity game our band was great, the Coppell Student Section was on their feet going crazy and cheering the whole entire game. The greatest part of this week was when the Varsity beat the Jags 45-3 resulting in the best homecoming week ever!


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