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The Playoffs Are Approaching

Coppell Football Is entering the Playoff

The Playoffs for the Coppell High School Varsity Football team is coming sooner then you think. The teams that are entering are all fierce, dedicated, and hardworking, everyone has the same goal… Everyone wants to be the winner of the 2013 playoffs and take home the glory and the pride! Most people that love football will agree with what Freshman Parker Noell said – “Sure, its sad that the regular football season is ending, but at least the playoffs are a whole entire new chapter of greatness.” The team has been practicing and working hard through and around every single obstacle that faces them. Freshman Gumin said, “The team this year has had a great season and it has been great and amazing to go through the whole season with only 1 defeat against Allen. The team last year went throughout the misfortune of losing a great running back for the Varsity team, Jacob Logan. “Last years team was at a whole different stage mentally and physically due to the loss of a great friend and teammate.” said Sophomore Hunter Bureau. Michael Williams, a freshman at Coppell. High School says that last years team was playing with extra heart and soul then the average team but, he believes that this years team is great and can achieve as much if not more with the hardwork they have been putting into there practice and training. “There isn’t a better coaching staff I could imagine, and I’m not just saying that cause I work here.” said Mr. Wofford. Mr. Wofford also believes that the team wouldn’t be this good if we had different coaches. Sophomore Brittan Bresnahan has a brother on the Team (Kilian Bresnahan) and she thinks that it’s the greatest thing to have a brother on the football team and to go cheer for him every friday night! She says that he is a great brother, and that football has made him an even better and more responsible brother. Hopefully Coppell can win these playoffs!





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