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Transition From Elementary to Middle to High School


Transition From Elementary to Middle to High School

The transition from the teacher giving test reviews to just telling you to study what you think will be on the test too fast? Tests are always a stressful event, the preparation, and when your actually taking the test. Well, at least for me they are… I’ve never liked them. Tests in elementary and middle school were not gun to take but the teachers would give a review that would cover everything that was gonna be on the test. If A kid actually went home and reviewed this whole study guide they were bound to make an 85+ on the test the next day. Kids are so used to nice teachers that give you everything to succeed but in the real world nobody does that. When a kid enters middle school the reviews get a tad bit less informative but put you on the right track. So even though they may do bad on a few tests later on in the year the kids should be able to adapt easy in preparation to tests. Then the real stage comes.. High school.. High school starts off very hard especially for freshman because they will have a great BIG transition from being treated like a baby to being treated like an adult. The high school teachers are not as flexible on late policies or chasing after kids because they have bad grades. The teachers honestly have so much to do and the kids are used to the teacher emailing your low grades and basically doing anything they can to help you get the best grade you can. The high school teachers however will not. It’s not that they don’t care its just that they cant chase kids around because they don’t have time and they are preparing them for college. The teachers in high school give lots of homework and expect it done and if not it’s simply a zero no late points or any flexibility unless you’ve got the nicest teacher ever. The worst part are the tests… The tests are weighted more than every other grade you have. The worst part though is the preparation though.. The teachers usually do not give you a review and if you do it will have chapter pages or sections. The reviews will be absolutely no help to you unless your taking action and going over what they do in class everyday. The thing that kids can’t do is transition this fast from middle school to high school. The kids are pressured too much as a freshman until they adapt that honestly almost every kids has had a very bad stress problem or procrastination problem at some point in time where they were really sad or depressed due to school. After this occurs it is very hard for kids to be able to come back and actually look at their grades. Another thing that kids don’t like are the weights. The weights are crazy one worksheet is usually equivalent to about 5 or 6 tests and they do not realize this most of the time and this really screws people over as they check their grades. Teachers aren’t really the one to blame but it would be nice if they had some sympathy for the freshman when they just came from middle school to high school. Basically what I’m trying to say is the transition should be slower from but start around 6th grade so everybody is happier, the kids will be happier, and the teachers wont have to worry about the kids hating them and lots of kids failing.


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