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How does playing video games, skating on ice, playing hockey in streets, sledding on ice, and watching T.V. Sound? Great! That is what I did every single day of the break. The smartest thing I thought a person could do is to manage your time well.. Wake up at 2pm watch a movie, play video games and then go outside hang out with friends and then play some fun ice games. As I was planning to sled off of the roof with my sled after watching some T.V. I sat up there on the roof thinking how. I was gonna have the guts to be able to follow through with this. I sat there and basically made a mental pros and cons of doing that scary stunt. I wasn’t gripping the small cushiony sled in my hands very tight and then BOOM! My life flashed before my eyes! My sled was falling and I just reached out and then I stood up as an instinct to not drop the sled. It was too late.. By the time I had realized that I was gonna fall off of my roof! I felt my heart stop and my feet squirming but it was useless I was falling chest first into what I thought was hard ice.. The moment. I hit the ground I thought I would be hurt badly but instead I felt kind of sore and got the wind knocked out of me which was better than the death I was expecting. I learned a lesson that day. Whenever you have been given a snow day stay inside watch tv, and play video games and try to stay away from the top of roofs.