March Madness Cutline

Freshman Marcus Krum is at Coppell High School and has logged into and created his very own NCAA Men’s College Basketball Bracket in hope to win a billion dollars!


March Madness

March Madness is a very big and important event during the time
of College Basketball games in March. March Madness is a big
competition that Quicken Loans and Warren Buffet in which they offer a
billion dollars to the person that fills the bracket for the bracket
out perfectly for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

     This usually has 15 million participants and no one has been able
to create a perfect bracket ever. “People know that it is very minimal
chance to win, but they don’t know how minimal.” says Andrew Dempsey,
Freshman at Coppell High School. There is no money needed to enter
this just the ability to fill out a bracket on ESPN. “Many people dont
know the first thing about NCAA men’s basketball tournament but
everyone would like to try and win a billion bucks.” said Andres
Abrego, Freshman at Coppell High School.

     Just how hard is it to win the billion bucks? Well, the chances
are one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Not only does one have to know
who will win them all but they also have to know the final score of
the last game. “I dont believe that this important at all compared to
the issues going on in the world.” said Brandon Chow, Freshman at
Coppell High School. Others may disagree “I believe that March Madness
is an event that is a way to study the statistics of teams, watch
their games and then make a bracket to win a lot of money.” said
Dempsey, Freshman at Coppell High School.

     Is March Madness more than just filling out brackets for money?
      March Madness is much more than that. March Madness is a time where
there will be time to watch basketball as a family after dinner while
reclining in your living room, and trying to win a billion bucks.”
said Andy Prevalsky, Freshman at Coppell High School.

    Submit your brackets for March Madness and dont mess out on the
competition that gives you a less chance of winning than the lottery.
Even though it is nearly impossible to win it engages students in
extracurricular activities and may help others become friends if
basketball is a mutual topic between the two.