The Walking Dead franchise[edit]

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Are iPads distracting or useful?

iPads are useful in many ways. The iPads is a great learning tool and working tool that can be used in everyday life.

“iPads are fantastic I love unable to work without ever being distracted and being distracted is no issue for me. Always been a really focused boy and always have been good with competing my tasks given with out any issues, but not everyone is able to do this because I am much more focused and concerned about school then many others,” Freshmen Jace O. said.

However iPads also have many distractions and opportunities that can lead you to play games and other recreational apps that could ruin your task at hand.

“iPads are great and all but that’s only if not use them without getting distracted,” Freshmen Andres A. said

“iPads aren’t as good as pen and paper because I get very distracting and in order to use iPad you have to be really have the ability to focus or you can steer off task into the wrong direction which is something I tend to do easily so I would much rather not have iPads as they are distracting,” Freshmen Andy P. said

iPads are fantastic and are a revolution to lo earning but that is only if they are used correctly. If the iPads aren’t used correctly then they can also be a very bad downside to education.

“I think iPads are very useful and you could actually learn a lot with them but you see there’s also lots of good makeup apps, dresser apps, mirror apps, and games that are distracting me when I’m in class so I’m unable to get my work done and this can bring your grade down however if I wasn’t getting distracted so easily then the iPads would actually be a really good resource use while doing your homework and learning,” Freshmen Brittney R. said

“iPads are a great learning tool but they also come with consequences if you like to play games before you go to work iPad is not a told you you should just stick your fashion way in this regard iPad because if you get an iPad Nd play games then your just hurting yourself,” Freshmen Parker N. said

“I think that I because our distracting because there’s easy access to games and the Internet and it would be better if we didn’t have them next year because it distracts a lot of people and keeps me from completing my task,” Freshmen Andrew D. said

The question whether we should have iPads or not is definitely not unanimous but everyone agrees that they are distracting and its easy to get off task, it just depends on you and if you are able to control yourself and set your priorities.