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Explanation Of Campaign

Explanation Of Campaign –


I have decided to create an advertisement campaign about a company called Lawyer’s4U. As I thought and thought about all of the possible jobs I thought about one that is constantly needed and people will pay anything not to end up in jail. I think this is a good job because lots of people need lawyers and its a really fun job.


The audience I am targeting people that need to be defended and are being prosecuted by others because of an action they chose to do that might make them end up in jail or death sentence. They don’t necessarily have to be a criminal but any action that could give them tiniest bit of insecurity they’ll need a lawyer in the future. In real life this company would for sure be boomin because lawyers aren’t cheap and if you win most of your cases people will be forming a line just to have you defend them.


I chose the print ad because criminals in search of lawyers would most likely flip through a newspaper or magazine. The reason I chose the radio ad is because I believe that criminals don’t watch T.V. to look for lawyer advertisements but it is more likely to come up while in the car jamming out in your car and you hear the ad.

Radio Script – Have you gotten yourself into a sticky situation? Can you not handle the pressure of being in court all by yourself and no one to defend you? Well, then don’t search any longer because we can get you out of anything! You will be found innocent and feel that sense of relief as soon as possible. Call 1-800-1234 to see who can defend you!


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